About Us



We Believe beauty is a "Lifestyle" that incorporates the balance and harmony of the Mind,the Body and the Skin.

The powerful natural principles of Prana ( Life Force) in Yoga Philosophy is one in which all levels of the body must be permeated to achieve wellness and balance. Our focus is on a non-toxic lifestyle offering  skincare with traditional and natural elements. We believe in the  higher quality and vibration of our products that are mindful to the body and the environment by being free of toxins.  The higher vibrations in natural healing, bring Prana to your body and Feng Shui into your home.They stimulate healing to turn back the clock on aging. KYVTA incorporates powerful ingredients that are safe and have been derived from the environment and support sustainably. As a part of our holistic practices, we use cruelty free standards to produce our natural cosmetic products. We believe in connecting all aspects of life, bringing about internal and external balance through nature derived ingredients.

 Committed to Making a Difference

KYVTA is passionate about making a difference in the lives of others and in the environment. A percentage of our sales go back to International NGOs and Environmental AID Charities. We believe in doing our part to bring about positive change.