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KYVTA : The Healing Concept Of ‘Vibrational Cosmetics’

In the stressful modern world, more and more people are turning to nature to find healing. Called Vibrational Medicine, or Vibrational Healing, this actually is a centuries-old practice, performed in different traditions.  

The concept of Prana, originating in the Vedas, ancient Indian texts, describes how the “life force” of nature animates all living things, and can be harnessed to heal the body based on ritualistic methods practiced by Ayurveda (Longevity of Life) and Siddha (Adept) medicines. 

Certain vibrational methods use the sound vibration of sacred ritualistic chants to harmonize the energy in matter with its surroundings. Chanting mantras, for example, creates peace and energizes the mind-body, such as in Transcendental Meditation. 

The herbs used in our KYVTA formulas have been vibrationally enhanced by sacred Sanskrit chants based on the ancient science of the Vedas. Seasonally harvested from land that is blessed by nature, the herbs’ natural growth cycles are connected to the lunar calendar. A highly ritualistic process is applied throughout the creation of each product, so it can harness the fullness of nature’s Prana to caress and heal your skin.  

Cruelty Free Cosmetics with no animal testing

Cruelty Free


We believe in Karma and that all living things share a profound connection. As a component of the circle of positivity, we strongly feel that not harming other beings is extremely important to retain the positive energy in our products and maximize their effectiveness. For this reason, our cosmetics are purely botanical, contain no animal products, and have not been tested on animals. 


Dr  Kavita Beri is a physician, scientist, entrepreneur and pioneer in the  intersecting fields of regenerative medicine, cosmetics, and  energy-based vibration science. Her vision for KYVTA cosmetics is  simple: to source prana (life energy) directly from nature by infusing  her products with the purity and energy (prana) that comes from nature.  The goal is to enhance beauty  and bring nature's glow in a personalized, mindful way, directly from  the source. Her passion for the holistic eastern sciences of Ayurveda,  Siddha Medicine, and Tantra Yoga, in combination with her years of work  in the field of regenerative medicine and aesthetics, has influenced the  creation of this all-natural line of cosmetics. She has researched,  published, and presented both nationally and internationally on her  work. More information on her journey is available at

The Circle of Positivity: from Source to Soul



The rituals that are used to source our herbs are based on ancient texts of Ayurveda and Siddha medicine. A strong vibration component and healing energy is created while chanting and preparing during the extraction process. While praying to the earth and harvesting based on nature’s cycle.



The manufacturing of the products is done in the foothills of the Himalayas blessed with natural beauty. With minimal processing and supporting fair trade and grass roots organizations. There is no animal testing. 

Enchancing the beauty of your soul by giving back


To enhance the glow of your inner being, taking energy directly from nature in our circle of positivity and bringing it to enhance your natural glow. Our sales support the KYVTA foundation, a not-for-profit supporting humanitarian efforts and scientific research in plant biotechnology. We hope to spread the message of a green and healthy universe. 

Ancient Eastern Science of Ayurveda and Siddha

A system of natural healing that originated in India, Ayurveda and Siddha are designed to balance the body through the right diet, routine, and  skin-care system—all customized to your own personal wellness. Ayurveda (The science of longevity) . Siddha (Adept) Medicine belong to one of the most ancient practices of medicine in history. Ayurveda is practiced and originated in Northern India and Siddha medicine is mainly practiced in Southern India. Both systems are similar in that they focus on balancing the three main humors of constitution; Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Tridosha and the concept of Inside out beauty

As per these ancient medical philosophies imbalance of the constitution of the body between the doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha leads to manifestation of a diseased state and tissue aging. Using herbs and the right dietary intake along with lifestyle changes can positively influence various skin conditions and the overall process of aging.

"The action of the flower essences raises the vibration  of the being…they cure by flooding the body with the beautiful  vibrations of the highest nature, in whose presence there is the  opportunity for disease to melt away like snow in sunshine." 

-Dr Edward Bach  1886-1936


Although the herbs may be harvested from any location, the herbs that naturally grow in southern India are preferred, and those grown on the Western Ghats of Courtallam and the Koorg mountains of Karnataka are especially preferred. 

The herbs are collected from the foothills of this very natural landscape.

 It is believed that the extracts of the herbs naturally grown in these geographical locations are particularly effective as they are bathed in the waters of the natural Bridal Falls and Kaveri river.


The herbal extracts contain naturally occurring compounds that are beneficial to hair and scalp. Eclipta alba extract contains compounds that nourish hair and promote hair growth. Indigofera tinctoria extract contains compounds that promote hair growth and reduce greying of hair. Alternanthera sessilis contains compounds that have a cooling action on the scalp along with promoting hair growth. Amaranthus tricolor and lawsomia inermis also contain compounds that have a cooling action on the scalp. Phylanodiflora contains compounds that act as anti-dandruff agents. The herbal extracts may generally be obtained from any part of the plant, such as leaves, stem, flowers, fruit, or roots. While all parts of the eclipta alba plant may be used for extraction without preference, the roots of indigofera tinctoria, the stems and leaves of alternanthera sessilis, the leaves, seed, and stem of amaranthus tricolor, leaves of phyla nodiflora, and leaves, roots, flowers, and seeds of lawsomia inermis are preferred for obtaining the respective extracts.


The Ayurveda Classic 'Susruta Samhita' has listed a set of benefits for the use of coconut oil. Let's check that out first.

1. Natural Coolant

2. It promotes hair growth and improves hair quality and strength. 

3. It calms Vata and Pitta and supports Kapha

4. It generally nourishes the body tissues

5. It also quickens the wound healing activity in skin.

Ayurveda uses coconut oil as a base for many other health-promoting oils.

Benefits of coconut oil as per Ayurveda:

coconut oil is nourishing in nature and often advised to be included as a dietary supplement, especially for people with emaciation and debility. 

· Coconut oil when processed with herbs can be used for various disease conditions 

· It is a natural skin moisturizer and softener

· It is an ideal choice for hair oil base. 

· It can also be used as a natural deodorant when processed with sandalwood powder. 


Vibration science is influenced by several cultures in ancient eastern philosophy that look at the body as a power house of energy that can be directed to stimulate healing processes. Siddha science is practiced in southern India and is similar in concept and based on Ayurvedic principals of treatment. Each composition is made with the sacred rituals of chanting and is timed with certain phases of the moon and earth energy to have maximum potency in the herbs at the time of collection.  The powerful botanicals in the kyvta serum individually have a healing and nourishing effect on the entire body as well as a soothing and calming effect on the mind when applied. It helps channel the body energy and facilitates healing and regeneration.